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  1. Hi Everyone,
    What have I learnt about different natural disasters?
    I have learnt many things about all the natural disasters. I think it was a great way to learn. A few things I learnt was that cyclones spin clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on whether the cyclone is in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. Another thing I learnt was that tsunamis are different to floods because floods are water building up on land and a tsunami is a wave of water. I also learnt that cyclones are also called hurricanes and typhoons in other countries.

    Why do I think we learn about these in Primary School?
    I think we learn about natural disasters in school because we can have this information our whole life. It is good to have all this background knowledge in case we have to experience one of these terrible events. This information might also be useful for high school if we do a test on it. It is also good to understand what the families go through after fires so we aren’t ever tempted to light one.

    What surprised me?
    I was surprised when I found out that earthquakes make big cracks in the ground. My favourite and most shocking thing I found out was that most of the natural disasters in Australia happened on the right side of Australia! It was a very fascinating thing to discover.

    What am I still wondering?
    I am wondering whether an avalanche is different to a landslide. They are the same because they both slide down hills. Why are they called different things? I am also wondering why cyclones spin different ways in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere? Can anyone help me understand?
    From Holly1

  2. Dear Everyone,

    I learnt how landslides are created. They are created when strong rain makes rocks unstable and the rocks come tumbling down.

    I think we should learn about natural disasters in primary school so if we are caught in one we know what to do. It’s also really interesting and fun to learn about.

    I am still wonder which of the natural disasters is the most destructive.

    From Daniel

  3. Dear Bloggers,

    What have a learnt about natural disasters?
    • floods occur when an area has heavy rainfall
    • floods occur when the riverbanks break
    • earthquakes occur when the tectonic plates rub against each other
    • tsunamis occurs when an earthquake happens under the water
    • brushfires occur because of firebugs, dry land and hot heat

    Why do I think I learn this in primary school?
    • because we now know the consequence when starting a bush fire
    • we know how to assist someone when something happens to you

    What surprises me?
    • I’m surprised that how earthquakes and tsunamis occur. I like how to ground cracks when and earthquakes occur

    From Ethan

  4. Dear readers

    My name is Joshua and I’ve learnt about natural disasters I learnt that drought can creat brushfires and heat waves. I also learnt that drought temperatures can rise up to 45 degrees,and drought can start when there’s no rain for maybe a month.I also learnt about bush fires and how one burning tree can move to another and another. My last thing I learnt was that how a tsunami can be high sometimes it can rise to 50 meters.

    I think that learning about natural disasters in primary school is a good idea because when there might be a bush fire around your place you might know what to do because you learnt about natural disasters in primary school.

    What surprised me is how a bush fire can move so fast from one spot to another What also surprised me is when landslide moves so fast and it can destroy anything that is around the Last thing what surprised me was how big can a tsunami can be and how much water can push into places.

    What am I still wondering is that how can a heat wave and a brushfire can occur in a drought and I’m also wondering how a landslide can move very fast and how a heat starts.

    From Joshua5

  5. Dear Bloggers,

    I have learnt about Tsunamis and how they occur. Tsunamis can occur if there has been an earthquake of a magnitude 6 or over. It causes a lot of damage to anything in it’s path and can put lives in danger. Tsunamis often occur around a part of the earth called The Ring Of Fire where most natural disasters seem to occur often.

    From my point of view I think we learn about natural disasters so that we know how to identify the disaster and how to stay safe and how to take action.

    The fact that these disasters can tear houses and families apart surprise me and that these things occur on earth makes me worried.

    My wonderings

    Is there any ways that one disasters can cause another?

    From Bianca

  6. Dear everyone,

    What have I learnt?

    I have learnt about Tsunamis and how they can destroy everything in its path. Also how it affects people after it strikes. For example if a person has lost a family member.

    Why do you think we learn it in primary school?

    I think we learn it in primary school to know about the natural disasters in the world. Also to know what to do in case this ever occurs.

    What surprises you?

    What surprises me is that we can share with other groups and they teach us about what they have learnt about their natural disaster.

    What am I still wondering?

    Is there any ways that another disaster can create another disaster.

    From Shannon

  7. What have you learnt about different natural disasters?
    I have learnt that a cyclone spins clock wise when they spin around. I also learnt that a Tsunami is when the earthquake shakes the ocean plates and the giant waves crushes everything causing floods. I also learnt that a bushfire gets caused by fuel, the greater the fuel load the worse the fire is going to be.

    From Melanie

  8. Hello Bloggers,

    What have I learnt about natural disasters?
    I have learnt that different natural disasters have occurred because of different reasons, that not every natural disaster is caused by weather. Some can be cause because of fire bugs. Fire bugs are people who purposely light fires in the woods and cause bushfires. I have also learnt that tsunamis are caused because of earthquakes, landslides and volcano eruptions. Also that volcano eruptions can cause lightning, and that the lava takes so long to come, all the other things destroy everything, so when the lava comes it just kills off whatever is still alive from the damage. Also that droughts are caused when there is lack of rain causing for the ground to dry up and cause the ground to crack.

    Why do I think we learn these things in primary school?
    I think we learn about these things in primary school is because it keeps us prepared for what natural disasters that are going to occur in the future. Such as right know in NSW Australia there have been a lot of bushfires, and because there was so much bushfires they needed to close the airport in Sydney.

    What still surprises me?
    What surprises me is that why do some people start bushfires on purpose and how they cause so much damage and kill others for just lighting a little fire in the woods. What else surprises me is that how a flood can take the sewage water from your toilet. So the floods are full of your sewage from your toilets.

    What am I still wondering?
    The things I am still wondering are what is the highest record of the water level of a tsunami? How many hectares did the largest bushfire destroy? Why do teenagers think starting bushfires are cool and funny? Why don’t they know that there are consequences for inappropriate behaviour?

    From Steven

  9. Dear Bloggers,

    I’ve learnt that bushfires can be caused by anything that heats the area around it. Fires are one of the ways that can make bushfires happen, and is probably the number one way to make a bushfire. Other stuff that relate to this are fire bugs, campfires and accidental fires. Also, dry forests have a higher chance of being set ablaze in the sun.

    Children learn about natural disasters at primary school because a naturals disaster can happen at anytime! It would also help children deal with natural disasters if one happened. Also, it can teach the children to make some natural disasters happen, because you could go to prison at quite an early age.

    The thing that surprised me was when I realised that heat could set things on fire! I didn’t know that at the start. I’ve also know that you could use wet wool to protect yourself from burning ashes falling on you. I didn’t know that either!

    I’m still wondering if objects can start bushfires, besides anything that creates fire. Also, I’d like to know why people that learnt about natural disasters in high school create bushfires anyway. They should already know the consequences to making bushfires.


  10. Dear everyone,
    I have learnt a lot on natural disasters but especially on Bush fires like where it usually happens and I found out the worst areas are in Sydney and it can be caused by nature or man made causes,the fire can rise up to 40 degrees or more. It is good that we are doing natural disaster in primary school because when we are older we are caution what the damage it can do with homes and other people.On bush fires I got surprised on how much bush fires there were in Australia but now I know and I don’t think I am wondering about anything anymore.
    From Molly

  11. Dear bloggers,

    What have you learnt about natural disasters:
    I have learnt a lot about natural disasters like:
    Floods occur in coastal areas
    Floods could happen when a water bank breaks and because of heavy rainfall
    Earthquakes happen when the tectonic plates beneath the surface of the earth rub against each other
    Tsunamis happen when earthquakes on land occur which causes changes to the ocean.

    Why do you think you learn this in primary school?
    I think you learn this in primary school because the school wants us to know more about natural disaster and how to prevent it.

    What surprised you?

    What surprised me was that natural disasters happen any where in the world even when weather experts can’t even predict where it is going to happen.

    What I am still wondering?

    What I am still wondering is that in the future will weather experts have the technology to predict the precise location of the natural disasters and if we will have enough time to escape the danger zone of the natural disaster

    From David

  12. Dear Bloggers,


    What have you learnt about different natural disasters?
    I have learnt that natural disasters occur every second all around the world. Different natural disasters do different things. These natural disasters kill many people every year, and this effects everyone in the country. One of the natural disasters I have learnt about is, earthquakes. Earthquakes can occur any time in any place. I found that this topic was very good to search about.

    Why do you think we learn about these in primary school?
    We learn about all these different natural disasters in primary school because in the future we might need to know about what happens or how they work. This can help us with our high school work.

    What surprised you?
    All these natural disasters surprised me with how often they occur and how many people they kill. I had never thought that there were so many different natural disasters, some of them I had never herd of. I am surprised with how much I have learnt and how fun it was to find out how these amazing disasters happen.

    From Kim

  13. Dear Everyone,

    I have learnt from natural disasters is that when the tectonic plates touch it causes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and landslides.

    Floods, cyclone, bush fires and drought are caused by weather and what type of season it is. It also happens sometimes when the tectonic plates rub against each other.

    From Tanaiya

  14. Blogging

    Dear bloggers,

    Natural disasters
    1. I have learnt that landslides occur on the edges of Australia and sometime in the Northern territory but mostly in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. I also learnt that floods mostly happen in tropical countries, rainy seasons, flat areas and low areas. I’ve also learned that the effect of landslides are volcanos, cyclones and earthquakes and it leaves people homeless, it causes traffic problems and kills lots of people.

    2. We learn this in primary school because then we know how to protect ourselves when this happens. Then we know the consequence of lighting a fire is really bad so when we grow up we don’t light fires and think it is funny. We also learn this because we might have tests in high school about it.

    3. Something that surprised me was that I never knew anything about droughts and within few weeks I became an expert. I have now become an expert at everything. I think this was a really good idea because it helped me a lot.

    4. I’m still wondering if land slides have accursed in Australia before.

    From Neha

  15. Hi Everyone,

    What have I learnt about natural disasters?
    I have learnt that they are caused by the earth usally like bush fires can be cause be humans or the world. The natural disaster I was learning about was Earthquakes. Earthquakes are created by tectonic plates underground pushing against each other.

    Why do you think we learn this in Primary school?
    I think we learnt his because it’s to good learn about the disasters at a youg age so you know who to protect yourself and how to prevent them sometimes and how to keep clear of them.

    What Suprised me?
    What suprised me was how often these disasters happen like Earthquakes happen often that much I can’t even up! And that two disaster that happen close to each other in time and can be 100k away From each other can be linked with the “Ring of Fire”

    What am I still wondering?
    I am wondering how often dos the tectonic plates move a big distance. Like 100 million years ago the world was soo different because of the plates and I’m wondering how often to they move like that?

    From: Taymin M

  16. Dear Evreyone ,
    I would lick to tell you all about landslides. Landslides are a very dangeras thing because they can kill people and can destroy peoples homes by covering it wwpith debt or some times rocks . How they happen is because of cyclones tonatoes huracan volcano eruption can mack landslides .
    They also happen when it can not hold the deart or rocks any more and it falls down. It can case all kind of trubl lick stop tracpfic kill people leave people homless and menu more this will manly happen in tropical places and happens in the winter and summer mostly but can happen in artim and spring this is what I know about landslide.
    From Rose

  17. Dear bloggers,

    what can volcanic eruptions do?

    1. They can burn you.
    2. They can kill you if you don’t get to hospital in enough time.
    3.They can burn houses down

    What they look like?

    6.Worlds gonna end.

    What does it smell like?


    • Dear Nicholas ,
      Could you please tell me how they happen because I would like to know more about volcanos and why they happen where do they happen to.

      From Rose

  18. Hi Bloggers

    What have you learnt about different natural disasters?
    I have learnt about droughts.
    Droughts wasn’t the topic I really wanted to focus on but after researching and discovering more I found out it was actually really interesting .
    I really would have liked researching about tornadoes because they can destroy everything in their path.

    Why do you think we learn about these at primary school?
    We learn about this so that we have a better understanding of it. It is important to learn what actually happens in our world instead of just guessing all the time. We also need to learn this so that we don’t go starting disasters because we don’t know the affect it can have.

    What surprised you?
    Not much really all the research I did included all the information I needed so I am not too shocked or still questioning anything.
    I have learnt more about landslides and how they occur so that kind of surprised me.

    What are you still wondering ?
    I am wondering why cyclones have names , I understand they are to tell them apart but why not call them by numbers ?

    From Madelaine

  19. Dear bloggers
    Tsunamis it happen by earthquakes in the sea and the waves get bigger and the water and take over the sand and the wave get bigger . It happen in Australia in August 1977 . Tsunamis can travel at speed of about 500 miles or 805 kilometers an hour almost as fast as a jet plane .

    From Mary .k.

  20. Blogging,

    Dear bloggers,
    I have learnt about many natural disasters.Cyclones,droughts,landslides,floods,bush fires and volcanoes.My topic was about volcanos.It took lots of researching.I learnt that the word volcano comes from a man named Roman God Fire,Vulcan.

    I think we learnt it in primary school because further on in or lives if it happens we know how to prevent it.We will know not to go to places where there are active volcanoes.Because if it does erupt then there is basically no chance of surviving.

    There are many active volcanoes, you can find these active volcanoes on tropical islands.They erupt when the tectonic plates hit each other and the lava gets pushed up and explode.

    From Kevin

  21. Dear readers
    My name is Joshua and we have been learning about human dignity and I’ve done a lot of researching about human dignity and the word charity

    Who: The charity that I researched and I think that relates to human dignity was Save The Children they don’t only save children’s lives they can change older peoples life by making charity or giving need things to the sick kids or older people and they can save people who is really bad and sick and they can’t go to the doctors they can stay in the beds that they have in the Save The Children place.

    What: They can change peoples life’s by charity one charity was $20000 because people gave so much money that they gave over 60 sick and elderly people who are really needed and they are the most popular charity’s there is in the hole of Australia and the world.

    When: It can happen when there was something bad in that country like a bush fire or cyclone it could happen when there sick there need needed care and they can come with rescue helicopters to save people who’s in danger in that place or country.

    Where: there is a Save The Children in Australia, America and other places they can drive, fly to the place that’s needed food or they need someone to take care of them they can go all over the world like Asia Europe USA and more they can help children in hospitals and adults.

    Why: they do it to help peoples lives better and not be sick all the time they all so do it to save people like if there’s a flood or bush fire they take care them if there poor because there homes are distorted.

    From Joshua5

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