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This week we have been working on writing a short story using a topic. Our topic was something special we have lost. It didn’t have to be real. We all worked very hard on these and we hope you enjoy them.

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  1. I was at the expensive jewelry store to buy a necklace. So I had a good look around the shop until I found it then once I saw it I got really excited so I asked the man at the counter what is the price. he said 1200$ dollars so I bought with all my pocket money I earnt.

    Then I put it on and walked back home and put it on later that day I went to the shops and wondered where is all my money? later I realized I spent it all on my necklace so then after that I went to the bank to get a big lone to replace all of my money.

    So then sadly I had to pay the bank back even know I needed the money but I had no choice to sell my necklace back and I went back walking in their then happily. I got very bit of money back that I paid for it so I didn’t struggle then I live happily and by time then it was night then I could sleep well I wasn’t stressed for once I said to my self as I was about to fall to slowly and calmly with nothing on my mind.

  2. My passport and my mind is lost!

    I was at the airport ready to go to New York for my big job interview and to visit my friend Spencer, I walked up to the passport checkup. Then I man asked “passport please” I reached into my backpack but I couldn’t see it!

    I started to worry and panic, I took a seat and cleared out my suitcase and my backpack but I still couldn’t find it! I tried to remember where I’d put it but can’t remember at all, I realised I had to take the next plane to New York.

    I got my phone out of my pocket at got a message from my boss and it said “YOU’RE LATE!!!” I sighed. Then I checked my wallet if I had any money to get a new one, but I then saw it! My passport.

    I shouted “YIPPEE!” I rushed to the checkup and showed the man my passport and ran as fast as I can through the hallway and into the plane. I felt successful to make it quicker than I thought, now I can finally make my way to New York.

    • Dear Ethan
      I thought that your story was great I really like the part when your character was really stress and could not find it then he found it again you put lots of description that was interesting

      From Joshua5

  3. Dear bloggers,

    The lost passport

    Today is Monday and I just got off the plane at Los Angela’s airport. I walked through a terminal to get to a security check where I can get my luggage checked by security. I was clean and so was my luggage then they asked me for my passport. I checked my pockets for my wallet because I had my pass port in my wallet.

    The security were waiting for me to get my passport out but I didn’t have it so I told them that I didn’t have it, they weren’t happy that I was wasting their time. Then they said that I had to board the next plane to Melbourne which was tomorrow at 2am. I wasn’t happy to forget my wallet on the plane but with my money and passport in it but it was my fault for forgetting it on the plane.

    I was walking around the airport when I saw the airport lost property so I went to it and looked inside then I saw my wallet. I told the man in charge of the airport lost property that my wallet was at his lost property so the man in charge of lost property, he wanted me to give him identification that that was my wallet. So I showed him my drivers licence which I had in my pocket. Then he gave me my wallet back. I might not be able to get into Los Angela’s airport but I could get into Australia with this.

    I was boarding the plane to Australia and I was quite happy to return home although I didn’t go on. I was tired but I know now that I shouldn’t leave my wallet or passport on the plane because it can cause a really big problem.

    From David

    • Dear David,

      I liked how your character found his passport in the lost property, but in paragraph three I think you used lost property too much.

      From Ethan


    Today was the best day of school because we had sports and Chinese. Josh was doing he’s homework while mum was cooking pasta for dinner. Once I finished homework I went in the shower and did a quick rinse. It was 6:00 and it was time for Josh’s favorite show called adventure time. After it finished Josh made himself warm milk he felt like he’s in heaven. After he drank his milk he went to his room to put his PJ’s
    on he went to bed but he didn’t feel sleppy so he was watching funny videos on his school iPad.

    It was 9:00 he herd his dad come in His mum and dad started to talk He went back to sleep. It was an hour and Josh’s mum and dad where having diner and watching a movie his mum said “should I cut Josh’s hair” Josh’s dad said yes. Josh’s mum went off She tippi toed to his room she started to cut the side burns she felt good because Josh doesn’t like the hair dressers she kept doing it.

    She Then Started the top it was getting shorter and shorter as she goes after she finshed she went out and went back to bed Josh didn’t feel enything when his mum was cutting his her he was fast asleep. In the morning Josh was looking at him in the mirro like he dose every day but instead of him with his cool hair he saw that he was almost Bold he screamed as loud as a train horn ” AHAHAHAH” he looked at the floor and saw his hair he screamed again “AHAHAHA” he tried to put it back on it was no used.

    He went down stairs to have breakfast no won was there he found the “super fantastic glue” he got his hair and stuck it like a gigzaus puzzle his mum came down stairs his mum saw that he had hair his mum said “I thought I cut your hair” Josh was angry he almost looked like he was going to explode. Why did you cut my hair ………………. I’m sorry she said.

  5. Lost

    One beautiful day Katy, the odd girl out because her mum died when she was little and her dad got sent to jail. She lived alone. But when Katy was writing in her diary suddenly a big bang on her door happened, so she ran down the stairs as fast as a cheetah. A girl was standing there, saying you are invited to my party Katy said o-o-ok b-b-bye stumbling.

    Katy ran up stairs laying down her out fits for the party tonight as soon as she new it she was running late. So Katy ran into her car and went onto the freeway she wasn’t looking and got ran of the road into the heart of the jungle. Katy woke up after a little bit and she saw trees and animals all around her making the sound that they make.

    She walked around screaming out help help me till she saw the love of her life John but it was the tiger as she bumped into it he made he go onto his back she just scream out aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

    The tiger took her out of the jungle onto the freeway down 16 avenue to the party house and the tiger ran into the house and everybody looked at her and the tiger. At lest she became cool!

  6. The lost laptop

    It was an awesome day, especially for young Joe, he was going for his first job. It was a high paying job so he was exited to start, he had been working on a project for days. Trying to make it as perfect as he could, editing it and adding new things in. But finally this was the day when he would present the slide show to Mr. Klink who was the manager of the company. The slide show contained all his details, reasons of why he wanted the job and the reasons of why he deserved it. His presentation commenced in 2 hours, that was enough time to edit the finishing touches to it. This would be one of the best days of his life. But he’d done the best information the night before. Joe had stayed up so late that he could hardly remember anything from it.

    There was an hour left till the interview, and Joe was searching for his computer. He was having a bit of trouble finding it though, ” where could this laptop be” Joe was thinking to himself. He searched in his lounge room, bedroom, his garage and even in his bathroom. His laptop was nowhere to be found. So Joe rushed for his phone and dialled the number
    0412646472 and the manager of the company answered. ” Hello ” he answered. I explained to him that I couldn’t find my computer, so I wouldn’t be able to present to him. But he told me that if I didn’t present then I wouldn’t have a chance to get the job.

    I was devastated, if I didn’t get this job then how would I pay of my house bills, and how would I buy food for myself. I didn’t get it then who knows how long it would take to get a new won. Then I got a phone call….. it was my mum, she explained to me that I had left my computer at her house. Now it was all coming back to me I remember now, I had been working on my project at her house, she was giving me advice. But I guess that I had stayed up so late that I’d forgot my computer and forgot where I left it. So I rushed to her house with only 25mins remaining, I was driving so fast that I could get fined for this. When I got there I sprinted in and snatched my computer from the table. I then raced to the work building only 5mins left, I managed to get there just in time. To show them, and…… I GOT THE JOB.

  7. Dear Ethan,
    I really thought that your story was interesting and creative. Next time check your story a bit more because I found a few mistakes. A few words that shouldn’t be there and words that should. Also some parts didn’t make sense. But it was a great story anyway.
    Yours Sincerely Jack

  8. Dear David,
    Your story was interesting and had a lot of detail in it. But there’s a few little mistakes in it like how you said passport to many times. I also picked up a few errors on the way. Like some of your sentences didn’t make sense. But great story anyway.
    Yours Sincerely Jack

  9. Lost my purse

    One day I was visiting my best friend at her house. We were sitting in her room playing with our similar bags, because we were bored and also we were waiting for my best friend’s mum to get ready because we were going to the shops! While we were playing with our bags, I saw something fly out of my bag. I quickly checked my bag and found out that I lost my lipgloss (I didn’t really care)and I also saw that my purse was lost, I was worried.

    I was so mad that I was running everywhere looking for it like a maniac. I looked under my friend’s bed I looked in the bathroom and I looked everywhere in my friend’s room thinking she stole it. I ran around everywhere. My friends mum insisted that I should call home and ask my dad.

    So i called my dad in a big rush. He said that I left my purse on the kitchen table. So then my friend was so nice she lend me some money and we went shopping and we had lots of fun and I bought lots and lots of things we had so much fun and we enjoyed it.

    After going to the shops we did some fun activities, we played teachers with all the stuff we bought. We ate lunch because my friend’s mum made some delicious! fried rice which was so good but I couldn’t eat a lot because at the shops we bought some candy and ice-cream and we ate it but the fried rice was better than that!

    By: Neha 4mp

  10. I’ve lost my Marbles !!

    It was 6 am and I was sooooo tired. I had gone to the movies with my friends last night forgetting I had school the next day. But I had to go . As usual , I got up (being half asleep) only this time everything was completely different .

    The walls of my room were purple and my hands were green . It took me a while to get over this because I started screaming and carrying on. I took a few deep breathes and looked around my bedroom . What I clearly notice was how there was a blue and red shadow behind everything, which really made me scared . I started asking questions to myself “what if I go blind ?” “what happens if this is how I permanently see everything?” I decided to go to the bathroom to look at my eyes .

    I slowly stepped out of my bed and clutched the wall . I felt dizzy and like I would throw up on everything . I walked down the corridor scared of what I’d see in the mirror .I opened the door to the bathroom and asw the mirror and my reflection . I was wearing the 3D glasses from last night ! I had completely lost my marbles !!

  11. Dear Ethan,
    Sorry for not telling you which parts of the story don’t make sense, so i’ll tell you now. In the first paragraph you wrote this, Then I man asked “passport please”. It doesn’t make sense so instead of putting an I put the.
    From Jack

  12. Dear Bloggers,

    Here is my narrative I did based on something lost:

    Runaway Shopping Cart

    During the afternoon at Woolworth, Sam and his mum were shopping. They took a shopping cart and looked at all the amazing products they could buy. They took some items and food, and went to the counter. Mum took her phone and called dad to tell him what she was going to cook for dinner.

    But while mum and dad were talking on the phone, Sam noticed his mum wasn’t holding the shopping cart any more. He then spotted it running away, and pursued it. When mum put her phone down, she realised Sam was gone. She searched frantically for Sam until she found him running towards a shopping cart. But when she took her first step towards him, she was spun by a herd of rampaging people. When they had run off, he was no where to be found.

    Sam was still on the shopping cart’s tail, but he just couldn’t reach it, so he jumped high into the air and into the shopping cart. It finally stopped like it was exhausted. When mum had finally caught up, she fell over people’s legs. A person accidentally bumped into the shopping cart, and it started moving again.

    Sam looked behind to find his mum flat on the floor. When he turned around, the shopping cart softly bumped into a wall. He jumped off and took the cart to his mum, who was now crying on the floor. She pounced onto him when she saw him, and hugged him. As they were leaving Woolworth, Sam muttered, “The shopping cart ran away.” but his mum wasn’t listening, and they kept walking. Sam looked at the shopping cart, it stayed where it was for a while. Then it rolled away on wheels, while he put his hand up towards the runaway shopping cart.


  13. Dear Neha,
    Hat was an interesting story, but I picked up a few errors. Like I found some sentences that needed capital letters. And in one of the sentences you wrote ‘So then my friend was so nice she lend me some money’. Instead of writing lend you should of wrote lent and a comma after nice.
    From Jack

  14. Lost The Way Home

    After school Mary and Billy were walking home. Well they lost the way home because Billy said lets go left but they were a post to go right. Mary was so scared that her hart was going so quickly that Mary could hear it and Billy could hear it to.

    I said to Billy we are lost. Billy said “I think we are lost “I said,”I think we are lost” I said I think we are . It is getting dark I said we both started a fight and then I said follow me and I will get the right way home. It was getting dark it was past diner time. Are mum and dad were getting wired and by the time we got home
    It was nine o’clock.

    We finely came home and my mum and dad were wating for us and they were so angry that we were grounded for a month and won’t aloud to work home ever again. When we were grounded and it was so boring Billy and Mary could not go any were. I scream at my brother and said ‘’why did you do this to me”. Billy said nothing where are you he was in the back yard on the trampoline I was so angry that I went outside and my mum was putting the close on the close line and she said why did you not go outside because I thought you said that we had to stay inside and not come out.

    The next day we went to school and my mum drop us of at school and had a awful day at school because my work was all wrong.
    Came home and went and did my homework. And went to bed.

    By Mary

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