Fair Games

All sports have rules to make competition fair. And in the Paralympics there are even more rules to make sure people with similar disabilities match up against each other. But as Tash reports a group of scientists are coming up with new ways to test disability with the aim of making the Paralympics fairer.

Watch the BtN clip then comment what your opinion is.


3 thoughts on “Fair Games

  1. Dear Bloggers,

    I think it’s not fair for the people with disabilities, because it will be hard competing with someone with something attached to a body part.

    From Ethan

  2. Hey Everyone,
    I watched the clip and saw a part which had two people who had two fake legs beating people with only one. I think the fake leg is how they are winning. The part where the foot should be, there is a curve which springs the runner further. Scientists could design a new version where instead of a curve, they could have it on a ninety degree angle. The strength test shouldn’t be worried about because these are Olympians and para olympians. If they made it in its ok.
    From Holly1

  3. Dear Readers,
    In my opinion I think that some of those Paralympics people are really good at what they do. Like, I was watching some of the people run in it and they looked like they would be good enough to race in the real Olympics.
    From Jack

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