Remembrance Day

Next week is Remembrance Day, when we think about the people who served the country in times of war. If you look back in your family tree you might find someone who fought in a war maybe a long time ago or maybe more recently. Sarah had a look at the experiences of her grandfather and found out what Remembrance Day is all about.

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12 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Dear Bloggers,

    I remember my great grandfather fought in the Vietnam War and sacrificed his life. I pray for all the people who had died in the war.

    From Ethan

  2. Dear Readers,
    In my opinion, I think that WWI and WWII weren’t worth starting. A few arguments that cause the war aren’t worth millions of lives. My great grandpa, which is my mum’s grandpa fought in the war. Also my aunty trained to become a nurse for the war.
    From Jack

  3. Dear Evryeone ,
    I never knew that that’s what the war was like. There were so many people who went to war to serve their country and help the country that needed more people to help them. That was such a shock to see all the names of people who had died trying to fight the war.

    From Rose

  4. Dear everyone,
    It is very sad that you know your loved ones are taking a risk by entering a dangerous scene.I feel really sorry for there families in those times it must have been really hard for them to let there loved ones go,but I am really glad that the war is ended and it won’t happen again and there will be no sadness upon us.It is really good that we have Remembrance Day because we give thanks for the brave soldiers from the war that supported there country and never gave up.

    From Molly

  5. Dear readers
    My opinion about world war 1 and world war 2 was probably Most really bad moments in your life because they were probably a person that is related to you or that’s special that died in war and you will never forget that moment

    From Joshua5

  6. Dear Bloggers,
    It is terrible that so many people have died while trying to protect their people. I feel so proud of them. They took a big risk. We all should thank them. I am so proud that there isn’t another war.
    From Sachini

  7. Dear Bloggers,

    We wouldn’t have remembered the people that died for us in the world wars if Remembrance Day didn’t exist. But it’s just not right to have war against countries. Everyone could’ve just made peace and come together. Why did they have war, just what’s the point to war?


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