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This page is to help us develop our ability to share our opinions about various issus whether they are issues at school, issues in the local community, Australian issues or Global issues that effect the whole world.

Each post has a different issue and you can leave a comment sharing your opinion, asking a question or commenting on someone else’s comment.

Remember that we are always respectful of other people’s opinions even if we don’t agree with them so think about the language you use to respond. For example, you might start with…

I disagree with ‘person’s name’ because……

I think that…….

I’m confused because I thought……..

18 thoughts on “Local to Global Issues

  1. Please watch the BTN clip about Gender Equality then leave a comment. You can also read the transcript if you prefer.

    There’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about whether women are treated equally to men. It’s called sexism and it’s something even the Prime Minister says she’s been a victim of. But while people disagree about how fairly women are treated today there’s no doubt they weren’t treated equally in the past.

    (Behind the News, http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3784907.htm)

    Do you have an opinion about this issue?

    Do you have a question about this issue?

    Some people have actually left their opinion on the BtN website and it might help you form your own opinion by looking at these and seeing if you agree or disagree with anything said.

  2. Dear Readers,
    My opinion for the video is that I think men and women are treated equally because now there aloud to write books, vote and get jobs. I seems fair enough because now they get to do stuff only men were aloud to do.
    From Jack

  3. Dear Everyone,
    I believe that we all should be the same. No exceptions. It’s very sad that all Australians weren’t treated fairly years ago.
    From Daniel

    • Dear Daniel,

      Yes Daniel, I also believe we should all be treated good as well. Although your last sentence brought a question up. Why weren’t some Australians treated as equals?


    • Dear Daniel,

      I think your right Daniel that everyone should be the same and it is sad that Australia weren’t treated nicely.

      From Rohaan

  4. Hi everyone,
    I am talking about the old days in the world ladies could not work they had to do things at home and the men worked so they were not equally and now it is equally.

    From Anastacia.

  5. Dear bloggers,
    I think that woman and men are being treated very respectfully because women can do stuff that men are aloud to do and same with men

    From: Melanie

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I’m back again to say some other punishments instea of smacking your children. You could give them a time out, ground them or even confiscate their toys. You could make them apologise, send them to their room or even worser things.
    So don’t smack your kids, it’s not the right thing to do.
    From Jack2

  7. Dear Everyone,

    I think that women can do the same thing as men because when we put our mind to something we can do it but now it is fear women can do thing lick men now all thanks to all the women who fought for our rights

  8. Dear bloggers,
    I think that males and females are treated equally in Australia than in other countrys. Because Australia elected it’s first female prime minister a few years ago

  9. Hello Bloggers,

    I think that woman and men are now being treated equally as they are allowed to do the things they weren’t allowed to do a long time ago. But I think it’s sad that we were treated differently.

    From Bianca

  10. Dear Mrs Popowycz,

    My opinion on the equality is that men and women should be treated fairly. Men can vote so why can’t women? It’s not like they’re any different from

    From Shannon

  11. Dear Bloggers,

    I’d say it’s fair because females and males are the same race. If women can’t do some things, why can’t men not do some things? The law should stay like this so women can have their rights to do what some things men could do.

    Although there is one thing that irritates me. Why didn’t women have rights to do some things? Was there a rule about it?


  12. Dear Bloggers,

    Wow I never knew that back in the olden days women were treated so badly. But thanks to all those females who changed everything women and men are finally equal.

    From Steven 🙂

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