New Ideas to add to our Blog

Sometimes its hard to come up with ideas from scratch. We need a little bit of help or inspiration!

So 56VA abd 56MP have been researching other class blogs around the world to come up with ideas to make our blog more dynamic!

Students – Don’t forget to give credit to the class or blog you got the idea from and hyperlink or list the web address to their blog so others can check it out too.

19 thoughts on “New Ideas to add to our Blog

  1. Dear Everyone,
    On Jaden’s Awesome Blog (winner of the 2012 student edublog awards) I have an idea to improve our blog.

    What I like about Jaden’s blog is that he has book reviews.
    I think we should have a page of book reviews to see other people’s opinions on different books.

    From Daniel

  2. Hi Everyone,

    My Idea for our Class Blog is to maybe change the layout of the Blog so it looks more interesting and bright and presentable.

    From: Taymin

    • Hi Ethan,
      I really like your idea on drawing competitions, but I don’t see how that would work. I don’t think you can send pictures in a comment. I would really love that idea in our blog.

  3. Dear Readers,

    The thing that I liked about Jayden’s awesome blog was that he had posts about biography’s of famous people. Like LeBron James, Abraham Lincoln and Neil Armstrong. His background for his blog was also interesting because it suited his blog. He also had lots of interesting posts that were exiting for the readers.

    An idea for a post would be a biography about someone famous or well known by everyone. Some ideas would be Michael Jordan, Jobe Watson or the guy that invented the iPad.

    An idea to make our blog better would be putting a better background colour on the blog. Also you could put one of those maps that shows how many people have visited the blog, plus which country they visited from. It would motivate the visiter’s or the creators of the blog to get more people to visit.

    From Jack2 🙂

  4. Hi Ethan,
    I totally agree with you Ethan, the blog could use drawing competitions or games. It would totally make the blog stand out from all the others.
    From Jack2

    • Hi Nicholas,
      I think that would be a good idea too. That way people from around the world could tell us what they eat for breakfast. I wonder if it would be different from what we might eat in Australia.

      Great idea,
      Mrs Popowycz

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Our blog is really great, but I have an idea we can use. In the Juniors blog they have posts about events such as when they first saw the baby chicks. Maybe we could do something like that.
    From Holly1

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